About Us

A strong community is a great enabler. It transforms. And it allows people and businesses to achieve some pretty remarkable things!

Our Mission

To build an inclusive and empowering community that enables every individual to live life to their fullest potential.


CASE is a place where exceptional people help individuals achieve better outcomes for their lives…

We are a grass-root non-profit organization in partnership with individuals and groups in building inclusive communities. In recognition of individual uniqueness, we work to enhance people’s capabilities by providing the supports and services they need to achieve a fulfilled life.

Our programs are designed to inspire, build and empower individuals to achieve their full potential regardless of age, race, culture, religion and other social interests.

We strive to support visible minorities including low-income Black Canadian older adults, youth and families who face multiple barriers in accessing services within their community as a result of their identity and vulnerability.

We provide services to these priority demographics which include isolated seniors, youths, low-income families and newcomers who need support and services to thrive in their community.

As part of our commitment to promote social participation and inclusion, CASE offers onsite Educational, Social and Recreational Programs for individuals and small groups.

We have partnered with other agencies to offer a series of enrichment programs where seniors, youths and families participate actively, learn new skills, volunteer and mentor others


  • Provide support and services to seniors and youth to promote social inclusion

  • Develop and provide educational, recreational and socio-cultural activities for seniors and youths

  • Provide support counselling and referrals for seniors, youth and new immigrants/refugees

  • Work alongside local groups and agencies to build acculturated Black communities through the recognition of individual uniqueness

  • Promote poverty alleviation through support programs like housing and employment referrals, especially for newcomers

  • Provide settlement services and programs for immigrants and refugees