The computer and Internet has become an effective tool for communication in this twenty-first century, and seniors who lack basic computer skills cannot have access to the information and social benefits internet offers. Equipping seniors with computer literacy skills and ability to optimally use the internet will enable them to interact with their outside environment, be on social networking platforms and generally improve the quality of their lives.

    Community Alliance for Support and Empowerment, based on this recognition and the identified need for seniors in Brampton has proposed to embark on an Intergenerational Computer Literacy Project for seniors in Brampton. This project is funded by New Horizon for Seniors Program, Canada. The second phase of this project is an 8 weeks computer skills training for seniors in Brampton location starts in October, 2016. It is expected that about 100 seniors will benefit from this training. The purpose of this project is to create a free and friendly learning environment for seniors to learn basic computer skills and safe use of the internet while engaging them in intergenerational relationships with young adults, students and volunteers who would in turn be impacted by the wisdom and life experiences of the seniors. The objective is to support social participation and inclusion of seniors in their community, reduce loneliness and social isolation and improve quality of life.

    We are excited to invite Seniors to Join Us ! Get more involved, Meet New People, Learn new things Mentor others and make Positive Influence in your Community

    Information Session

    PROGRAM FOCUS: Intergeneration Computer Literacy Skills Training for Seniors
    VENUE: Manorbridge, 160 Murray Street, Brampton ON
    DATE: Tuesday, October 4th, 2016
    Call: 647-780-8106

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