Inter-generational Programs old

Inter-Generational Programs

Bridging the gap between seniors and youth
Socialization – Recreation – Education – Life Skills

Our inter-generational programs aims to bring the youth and seniors together to promote social inclusion and participation. The seniors will learn valuable skills that will help them feel more comfortable in today's society, while the youth in turn will be impacted by the wisdom and life experiences of the seniors.

These activities will help strengthen the bond between the elderly and the youth, which in turn will result in a better interconnected community.

1Computer Literacy Program

Computer Literacy Program

The computer and Internet has become an effective tool for communication in this twenty-first century, and seniors who lack basic computer skills cannot have access to the information and social benefits internet offers. Equipping seniors with computer literacy skills and ability to optimally use the internet will enable them to interact with their outside environment, be on social networking platforms and generally improve the quality of their lives. Community Alliance for Support and Empowerment, based on this recognition and the identified need for seniors in Brampton has proposed to embark on an Inter-generational Computer Literacy Project for seniors in Brampton. The purpose of this project is to create a free and friendly learning environment for seniors to learn basic computer skills and safe use of the internet while engaging them in inter-generational relationships with young adults, students and volunteers who would in turn be impacted by the wisdom and life experiences of the seniors. The objective is to support social participation and inclusion of seniors in their community, reduce loneliness and social isolation and improve quality of life.