September 30, 2022

Community Alliance for Support and Empowerment stand in solidarity with Indigenous Nations across Turtle Island to participate in Orange Shirt Day, and to recognize The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.  As an organization that seeks to empower marginalized communities and disrupt systems of ongoing oppressions, Community Alliance for Support and Empowerment is committed to advancing the rights of the Indigenous peoples of this land and supporting the path to decolonization as allies by reflecting on and speaking out against the systems, policies, and practices that result in the injustices and violence of colonization and settler colonialism.

September 30th marks the importance of reflecting on our role as Settlers on land that Indigenous peoples have inhabited since time immemorial, and engage in decolonization process, centering the voices and perspectives of Indigenous communities, today and everyday. We encourage all our partners, supporters, clients and stakeholders to observe the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation along with us and commit to engaging in the ongoing process of reconciliation.