Key Issues Faced by Seniors

CASE is working with seniors during Covid-19 pandemic . We have followed many measures to reach out seniors to help them getting out through their issues. Doing weekly wellness checkup calls, distribution of free food vouchers, senior teleconferencing, senior telling their stories, Providing free PPE to seniors in need,doing outdoor activities to engage seniors are some of the measures that our organisation is currently working on. Throughout this journey of working with seniors we came to know various issues faced by seniors as discussed below.

Issues Faced by Seniors:

  • Social Isolation and Loneliness
  • Many seniors faced loneliness during this pandemic. The grief that follows the loss of a spouse can last many years and can involve anxiety, depression, loneliness and other issues. Of all these problems, loneliness is perhaps the most common and the most difficult to overcome.(Carol Pardue-Spears,2018)

    CASE has started weekly wellness check chats where we call seniors to if they are doing fine, if they want to share anything that is disturbing them or if they need PPE.


    CASE has also started Seniors Social event for seniors located in Brampton to help seniors to come out from social isolation.
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  • Physical and Mental Health
  • As the age gets older, our seniors face many changes or challenges physically and mentally. Some of the health concerns that they face include Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, heart disease, diabetes, vision or hearing loss, Respiratory diseases and even cancer. As a human being we must give a helping hand to the seniors fighting with these challenges.

    CASE organize Seniors Teleconferencing to address common concern of seniors.

  • Elder Abuse
  • Elder Abuse is a common issue that many seniors face. After the seniors become older, when retire from work, or when get sick/disable ,the family members start abusing them. This abuse can be physical or mental. CASE has organized a awareness program to stop elder abuse.
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  • Financial concern
  • Seniors face big challenge when it comes to financial living standard. Buying good quality food, and visiting their family doctors, buying medicines are some of the financial concerns that came to mind of seniors. In order to help the seniors in buying good food ,CASE distributed free food vouchers to seniors above age of 65 years.
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  • Racism
  • CASE is working on seniors telling their stories initiative in which seniors share their stories about how its being like a part of visible minority community, racism experience or challenges they faced in Canada.
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