Senior Connect Activities

Senior Activities

CASE has been working with seniors since long time and have continued giving service during Covid-19 pandemic . Throughout this journey of working with seniors we came to know various issues faced by seniors such Social isolation and loneliness, Physical and mental health, Elder abuse, Financial concern and Racism. We have followed many measures to reach out seniors to help them getting out through their issues. Doing weekly wellness checkup calls, distribution of free food vouchers, senior teleconferencing, senior telling their stories, Providing free PPE to seniors in need, doing outdoor activities to engage seniors are some of the measures that our organization is currently working on.

Wellness Check Chats

During this pandemic our CASE team is working to reduce challenges low-income seniors face in relation to loneliness and extreme social isolation by conducting individualized wellness check in’s through phone calls. We also hope to provide them with any necessary PPE (personal protective equipment) that they may be missing, such as masks and gloves.  

wellness chat

Seniors Food Voucher Program

CASE is engaging seniors during COVID-19 by providing Free Food vouchers to low income seniors above the age of 65 years.This initiative is helping seniors overcome social isolation and loneliness by providing low-income seniors access to healthy alternatives. We hope to reach more than 250 marginalized and low-income seniors from underrepresented backgrounds such as black African-Caribbean. 

Music Night

Every Monday night four times a month CASE host this event for Manorbridge residents. The seniors come at 6:00pm to 7:30 and participate in sing-a-longs. Music night is not only for sing-a-longs but for other musical and exciting incorporations. CASE has provided musical drums, singing and playing the keyboard as an essential to music night. Residents love music night because they love to hear up tempo music play. They also love to hear the music that they remember back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. We provide snack and drinks for the hour and a half. This is a successful event that CASE has provided. We create creative flyers and calendars of the programs/events to distribute every week to Manorbridge and each residents that attends. This helps them to know and remember when each programs takes place.

Birthday Bash

Every 2-3 months we have an event that celebrate the members birthdays. A celebration that they have grown another year, and to appreciate all they have done for their loved ones and the community. Cake, snacks, and beverages are provided.

Coffee & Chat

Coffee & Chat is an event where seniors receive their breakfast needs and a space to interact and chat with other seniors. This event also sometimes has informative workshops, such as Health and Well-being, how to Prevent Scams, How to Live with Diabetes, and so forth. This event brings the best of both worlds together, breakfast food and informative dialogue to the members.

Game Night

Games Night has a variety of games to play, such as dominoes and Jenga, that are fun and interactive for seniors. Also, these games are not only board games but also can be physical activities such as Yoga. This event promotes seniors to exercise their brains, body, or both. Seniors have an opportunity here to create connections with other seniors and have fun while playing games. It’s a night that brings the child out of everyone. Snacks and beverages are provided

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a program that was created and replaced into the calendar for the residents of Manorbridge due to multiple requests. Tai Chi takes place twice a month on Tuesdays at 9:30AM to 10:30AM. This Program is shown from a Youtube video and projected onto a white screen for residents to participate and watch. Water is provide for residents that attend the sessions. TAI CHI is a great opportunity for residents to come out and enjoy, exercise, relax and mediate in the morning. CASE members set up before 9:30AM at Manorbridge.


Bingo Night

An event for all seniors to have a good time playing Bingo and interacting with other members. Having some healthy competition while creating connections with one another is a staple of this event. Snacks and beverages are provided.

Movie Night

Movie Night plays films that are fun to watch but also have a meaning behind the story. The seniors watch watch movies that they would enjoy, such as Cinderella of The Three Stooges, but can still take something away from the film. Snacks and beverages are provided.