Empowering low-income single-parents to create a healthy future for their families

Socialization – Recreation - Education – Life Skills

Raising a child is a major challenge. It’s even tougher for single parents. We see an increasing number of problems that single parents must face in society, such as lack of support, financial struggles, emotional battles, and a lot more.

At CASE Community, we are a non profit organization for single parent dedicated to building stronger families. Through counselling, non profit grocery voucher program, and seasonal hampers, and educational resources, we empower single parents and their children to improve their mental well-being and live healthy, fulfilling, and dignified lives. Our goal is to seek and target innovative services to priority populations, including single-parent families who face several challenges in accessing services within the community. We offer programs and services that seek to improve food access for low-income families and develop key life skills to improve their overall quality of life through educational workshops and training.

Part of our mission is to help single parents gain independence, improve their lifestyle and make them capable of providing the best possible living solution to their children.

Single Parents & Families:

We provide food and grocery vouchers to single-parent families in response to our community’s food insecurity which has been aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have successfully served more than 200 single parents families through this program and still have a growing waitlist. Our service delivery model includes both virtual and in-person service while strictly observing all Public Health COVID-19 safety protocols.

You are eligible for the Seniors Food Voucher program if you are…

  1. A single-parent AND
  2. Living with your child/children AND
  3. Qualify as low-income

Here’s how it works:

  1. You fill out this form and register.
  2. You receive one or two vouchers worth $50 each.
  3. You use the voucher at participating stores to purchase foods of your choice.

Please note that due to limited funding, our program operates on a first-come, first-serve basis. You may be placed on our waiting list.

Lack of money can lead to anxiety, stress, and tough choices. Single parents are highly likely to feel guilty about not being able to provide enough for their kids. Through our back-to-school supplies program, we provide uniforms, shoes, backpacks, and books to children who are in kindergarten, elementary, middle, or high school.