Our Mission

Creating an inclusive and empowering community where every individual can live their life to their maximum potential.

What Defines Us?

We are a small group of fun-loving individuals in a team with a passion for eliminating social isolation and promoting diversity and inclusiveness. Our team is made up of staff, volunteers, student practicum interns, and co-op students. We strive to create an enabling and safe environment for seniors, youths, and new immigrants to learn, participate, and positively impact others. At CASE, our goal is to give back to the communities that helped raise us.

Our vision is to create an environment and a future where all individuals can grow without obstacles, fulfill their dreams and live a happy and fulfilled life with a high standard of living. The dedication and hard work of our team play a vital role in fulfilling this vision and attaining our goal. We continue to do our best to promote participation and inclusion all across the Peel Region for individuals of all social identities – youth, seniors, and newcomers. We welcome all those with a similar passion for joining our team and helping us bring a positive change to the community.

What We Do

Our Goals

Our Governance

We strongly believe that CASE has skilled, resourceful and experienced professionals who are successfully driving the affairs of the organization. Our established multicultural, multidisciplinary professionals work as the Board of Directors (a school social worker, registered social worker, professional accountant and accounting/administrative staff, legal and human resource specialists, and a school administrator).

The Board provides legal and financial advice including reviews and approval of external auditors, annual financial statements, programs, and projects to ensure compliance with the mission of the organization. The Executive Director reports to the Board and supervises the day-to-day operational duties of the organization.

It is important to note that we follow a strong performance management approach that involves various project committees. This ensures that for every dollar received, at least, 88 percent is spent on programming and services for the marginalized, thus resulting in high impact, accountability, efficiency, and innovation.

Our Values

Inclusive Community – CASE knows that the communities hold great power and potential. We dedicate our resources to building strong and healthy communities where everyone is inclusive, respected, valued and supported.

Integrity – We strongly believe in honesty and open communication

Empowerment – CASE believes every person has a right to self-determination. Our programs seek to equip people with the tools they need to exercise control over their lives and achieve their full potential. Our team encourages flexible thinking, and is open to innovation with creative solutions.

Collaboration – CASE understands that we Grow Stronger Together. We collaborate with community members, organizations, government agencies, and donors to support, empower, and inspire people.

Equity – CASE understands that every person faces unique challenges in society. We focus on priority demographics such as seniors, youth, low-income families, racial and ethnic minorities, and newcomers who’re often socially marginalized and excluded from traditional support systems.

Board of Directors

Ava Bell
(BOD Chairlady)

Peace Okpara
Executive Director

Abba Chima

Beulah Thomson

Strategic Plan

CASE Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025

Annual Report

CASE Annual Report 2021

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