Improving financial stability and wellbeing of our Youth

Socialization – Recreation – Education – Life Skills

The Youth Connect Program by CASE – a non profit organization for youth offers educational and recreational activities to marginalized youth to improve their leadership abilities, communication skills and learn other life skills necessary for becoming community leaders in a supportive environment. Learning these skills will enhance the youth’s social, emotional, and mental well-being as they journey into adulthood.

Financial Literacy

  • Money Minding in the Modern World
  • Mental Wellness

Youth Life Skills’ Development

  • Summer Job Workplace Experience
  • Coop Interns Experience
  • Students Interns
  • Volunteer Experience
  • Leadership Skills Development

Minding Money

Presently, the Youth Connect program is offering CASE’s Minding Money in the Modern World program sponsored by the TD investment group. These nonprofit financial literacy programs aims to empower youth aged 14-25 in Peel to increase their knowledge about key financial tools and help them independently navigate their finances in a digital era.

The Money Minding in the Modern World program will provide participants with the opportunity to engage in free and interactive workshops on diverse financial topics, including how to create savings, credit management, NFTs, and investments, and will also provide free wellness sessions. Participants will have the opportunity to meet with professionals and mentors to further develop their financial goals while building their confidence and skills to manage their finances in a fun and engaging environment.

In the Mental Wellness Program, we design projects for the youth, helping them develop friendships and engage in their communities. We collaborate with local partners to assist the youth by offering healthy activities and safe spaces in camp and urban settings.

The Youth Life Skills Development Program and donation programs for marginalized groups assists youth from marginalized communities transition into adulthood. The program offers individual and group life skills and job development support and instruction.

We have partnered with several companies that offer summer job workplace experiences, coop interns experience, student internships to allow the youth to get an insight into the professional world. The hands-on experience the youth will get is invaluable and impossible to obtain in a classroom setting.

Leadership development entails formal and informal training and professional development programs designed to assist youth in developing leadership skills. The program allows youth to identify themselves as leaders, think big and develop real-world skills through exercise and practice.