Youth Programs

Inspiring the youth to achieve their full potential
Socialization – Recreation – Education – Life Skills

We strive to strengthen the social, emotional, and physical well-being of the youth by allowing them to engage in interactive activities and workshops. We hope to provide a healthy and constructive environment for the youth, allowing them to become community leaders, cope with any personal or social problems in a healthy and encouraging manner, and build their social and life skills.

Our youth programs are geared towards inspiring, building and empowering young people to achieve their full potentials regardless of race, culture, religion and other social locations. Youth programs include:

  • Youth Summer Camp and Networking
  • Vocational & Life Management Skills Workshops

Youth Programs

1Youth Mentorship Program

Youth Mentorship

The Youth Mentorship Program seeks to provide youth in Grade 12 with an upper year post-secondary student mentor. The mentor will assist the youth by answering any questions about the post-secondary experience or by directing the youth to the relevant source.

Through this, the youth will be given the opportunity to feel more prepared and empowered for their post-secondary experience. Additionally, the youth will be able to form a meaningful friendship with their mentor and to feel supported during their transition.

2Youth in Transition

Youth in Transition

The Youth Program is aimed at youth aged 15-19 in Grades 11 and 12, who are aspiring to attend some post-secondary education institution. It seeks to provide ongoing life-skills guidance, early post-secondary school success mentorship (EP3SM), and positive direction to the youth in regards to the various changes, challenges, and opportunities they may face in their post-secondary experience.

We hope to reduce the student dropout rates in tertiary education that results from a lack of proper guidance, preparation, and motivation. Through themed informational and interactive workshops, we seek to ensure that the youth feel prepared in their post-secondary journey in order to be motivated, positive, and fulfilled.

3Youth Connect Program (Ongoing)

Youth Connect

The Youth Connect Program is aimed at fostering an inclusive, supportive, and interactive environment for the youth aged 14-19, especially youth that are hard to reach, in the Brampton South area. The Program seeks to provide opportunities for the youth to build essential leadership, confidence, and communication skills, through various interactive programming.

To start off, our Program will provide youth programming on every Monday and Tuesday, beginning the week of July 29nd until the week of August 19th, 2019. We eventually hope to expand the services and programs during the school year. We hope to inspire the youth to become more involved within their communities and build community leaders.