Socialization – Recreation – Education – Life Skills

CASE Community Services has designed several programs that help the youth live to their maximum potential and allow senior citizens to vastly improve their quality of life. We partner with other agencies to offer a variety of enrichment programs where young people, families, and senior citizens participate actively, acquire new skills, mentor others, and volunteer.

Our Youth Program provides opportunities to students to socialize with other people, enjoy the outdoors, and learn essential skills that will help them in all phases of their life. We even offer mentoring opportunities for high-schoolers so that they can smoothly transition into post-secondary life.

Our Seniors-Connect Program enables seniors to live a healthy and active life. Through recreational activities and parties, we ensure that they spend quality time with us. Our team is committed and passionate about helping the community, and our goal is to provide community members with the best possible experiences.

The Single Parents and Families Programs provide back-to-school supplies along with food and grocery vouchers to single parents. Moreover, our inter-generational program aims to strengthen the bond between the youth and the elderly leading to a strongly interconnected community. The seniors will learn valuable skills that will help them feel more comfortable in modern society, whereas the youth will benefit from the wisdom and life experiences of the seniors.

Our Programs

Seniors Connect Program

Education/Interactive Workshops:

  • Seniors Computer Literacy
  • Seniors Financial Literacy
  • Mental Wellness
  • Seniors Economic and Skills Development

Recreational Activities:

  • Yoga
  • Bingo Games, Scrabble, and other games
  • Music Nights

Socialization Activities:

  • Coffee and Chat
  • Milestone Celebrations (e.g., Birthdays and Seasonal Events)

Poverty Alleviation:

  • Seniors Food/Groceries Voucher Support
  • Free Seasonal Tax Clinic
  • Seniors Healthy Mini-Food Bank

Youth Connect Program

Financial Literacy:

  • Minding in the Modern World
  • Mental Wellness

Youth Life Skills Development:

  • Summer Job Workplace Experience
  • Coop Interns Experience
  • Students Interns
  • Volunteer Experience
  • Leadership Skills Development

Single Parents & Families

  • Single Parents Food/Groceries Vouchers
  • Non Profit Grocery Voucher Program
  • Non Profit Food Voucher Program
  • Back-to-School Supplies

Intergenerational Activities

  • Indoors and Outdoors recreational activities
  • Seniors Telling their Stories
  • Digital Divide and Literacy